Diaoyutai, in western Beijing, was once the fishing place for Zhang Zong, the emperor of JIN dynasty in more than 800 years ago. Diaoyutai State Guesthouse was built here, which is the origin of the Diaoyutai Hotel, and the Emperor Qianlong's imperial calligraphy "DIAO YU TAI" on the plaque above an ancient gate on the west side of the State Guesthouse was used as its brand logo. From an imperial fishing pavilion to top-notch Chinese hospitality epitome with 800-year cultural heritage, it's distilling a memorable "Diaoyutai Experience". Bred in the Chinese culture, Diaoyutai Hotel is not limited within traditional expressions, but deeply rooted in Chinese cultural essences and be in line with contemporary aesthetics. Embracing modesty and confidence, radiating grace and cordiality, Diaoyutai Hotel brings a noble and elegant Chinese lifestyle to the guests around the world with rich and vital cultural experiences. Each Diaoyutai Hotel is meant to be a grand mansion that blends elegance and nobleness. Here, Chinese culture is interpreted with vigorous vitality and a unique artistic style. The guestrooms exemplify the epitome of China's sophisticated lifestyle, with intricate details accentuating both luxury and comfort, offering you an experience of prestige and a sense of delightful contentment. At Diaoyutai Hotel, you will be able to taste the "Diaoyutai Cuisine" renowned for its "fresh and elegant, harmonious and everlasting" tradition in the Royal Court Chinese Restaurant, enjoy authentic local food at the PINJU specialty restaurant, and experience comfort and ease lifestyle at the FANGFEI Lounge known as the living room of The Mansion.